social relevance of our work

Our primary role is to improve the functioning of the job market by connecting people and work effectively. We do so by developing and providing services that facilitate the functioning of the labour market and help it progress. Our greatest challenge is to maximise the development of all talents potentially present by developing solutions that make it easier to find, connect and utilise the labour potential. One of the ways in which we do this is by putting people in touch with each other; with their talents, motivations and networks; and with organisations. To that end we make connections between a diversity of people. In doing so we contribute towards an inclusive, circular labour market with a healthy dynamic, which enables both our society and our economy to function better. A more effective labour market can accommodate more people. It results in wider and greater participation, which in turn results in a more efficient society with greater prosperity for everyone.

We have captured our social relevance under the following headers: job market fitness, diversity and inclusiveness, (social) innovation and environment.

job market fitness

fit for the job market

To provide as many people as possible with access to the labour market and at the same time maintain the competence and involvement of those already in work, we have to make serious work of long-term employability. This means investing in healthy, flexible, involved and competent talents, who can continue to make a contribution to society, both now and in the future, either within or outside their current employment. This is about making people versatile and keeping them fit for the job market. We provide support to enable them to keep in touch with demand in the labour market – ­mentally, physically and in terms of their competencies. Not only do we work on this ourselves, we also assist our clients with issues relating to the long-term fitness of both their organisations and their talents. In doing so USG People adds both economic and social value to people, organisations and society as a whole.

greater success opportunities for organisations

We provide organisations – both large and small – with professional support on a wide range of HR and job market-related issues they are faced with. In doing so we enable organisations for example to deploy their staff, knowledge and capacity more flexibly, thus making them more versatile. We assist organisations in increasing their innovative strength with regard to organising work and at the same time help them to discover, connect and develop talent. By so doing USG People ‘oils the works’ of a labour market that does not always run equally smoothly and thus contributes to boosting the prosperity of organisations and of society as a whole.

USG People has a large and unique network of widely diverse talents who are looking for suitable work or for new challenges. Organisations can use this network according to need to ensure the effective, sustainable and diverse structuring of their staff. This enables organisations to better align the composition of their talent structure with current demand and in the longer term through strategic talent management.

diversity and inclusiveness

more people in work

USG People offers jobseekers a large network of potential employers. As a partner we help people to realise their ambitions and shape how they deploy their talent. We help people get the best out of themselves and to develop their talent to the full. When looking for the perfect place to work we no longer just look at work experience and training, but instead also consider personality traits, cultural aspects, motivation and passions in order to achieve even better matches. Structuring the recruitment and selection process in this way means we look beyond just the hard criteria. This gives jobseekers varied and sustainable opportunities to find satisfying work, have a successful career and develop their social standing.

We make an active effort to find work for anyone with the ability and desire to work: young or old, high-skilled or low-skilled, with or without a limitation, from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, male or female, with or without a distance from the job market, and from entry-level to professional. In so doing we make an active contribution to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

(social) innovation

a modern way of organising work

It is our belief that our day-to-day activities enable us to make a material contribution to job security within our society. Terms such as 'employers', 'employees' and ‘job security’ are increasingly unsuited to how work is organised nowadays. They imply that an organisation has a fixed flow of work, with defined job descriptions, job matrices and hierarchical structures, with the work being performed by the employees – also within a fixed framework. However, people are increasingly working on an alternate, short-term, flexible, time and place-independent and/or project basis ­– independently or in teams, on more hybrid or conversely specialist assignments, for a single client or multiple clients at the same time. We are increasingly seeing this happen outside the realm of the existing institutions and CLAs, with parties entering into collaboration on a bilateral basis. We expect this trend to intensify in the coming years and see it as our task to facilitate employment against the backdrop of this development. In doing so we strive for maximum flexibility in the deployment of both organisations and people, for example by encouraging our employees to use e-portfolios and providing online courses which enable them to keep up to date with the required competencies and knowledge. We support businesses by giving them strategic HR advice and by looking with them at current and future developments within their field.

value creation through social innovation

USG People creates value on various fronts: societal, economic and social. As a listed company we are expected to deliver healthy economic results and our continuity is clearly dependent on this. However, in the long term our organisation can only achieve good financial results if the market derives added value from the services we provide – not just financially but also at a social and societal level. We achieve this in an innovative way, within the social spectrum. We use social innovation to create value for clients, candidates and for society. Examples of this include the generation scheme, the 50+ VIP Lounge and the participation partnership – initiatives aimed at providing solutions for staffing relationships between clients and specific target groups.

innovations make the labour market more sustainable and circular

Various innovations – many of them technology-driven – help us to improve the way employment is organised in our society. These so-called ‘HR Tech’ solutions help organisations to further enhance the deployability and productivity of the working population. A better-organised job market is not aimed solely at constant productivity growth; it is mainly about how we can best contribute to the prosperity and wellbeing of all members of our society. Herein lie challenges in terms of, for example, training courses, employee involvement and job market fitness.


It is important to us that in doing business we act responsibly towards our living environment. Our core activity – connecting people to work – does not in itself have a strongly detrimental impact on the environment, but in performing our activities we do of course make use of things such as buildings, transportation, office equipment and paper – resources whose production or usage does impact on the environment. We strive to mitigate the negative impact of our actions on the natural environment as much as possible.