our business model

USG People has an efficient infrastructure and vast networks of organisations and candidates in numerous sectors and disciplines. Throughout the years we have gained broad and in-depth expertise in the field of recruitment, selection and organisation of personnel and we offer this knowledge to help our clients and candidates find the best solutions to be able to create a workforce that meets their changing needs in every way.

It goes without saying that we keep up with technological advances. Innovations and incorporating technology into our existing services are crucial elements of our current and future business model. Our current business model consists of three components: accessibility, selection and solutions.


The USG People organisation ensures easy accessibility for its flex workers and clients. USG People is an organisation of professionals. Experts who are familiar with relevant trends and developments in the job market which they know through and through. They have modern technology at their disposal to help them recruit, select and assist the right candidates via the internet, social media and other tools. The branches of Start People, Unique, Secretary Plus and USG Professionals provide excellent accommodation to keep in personal contact with candidates at a time that these contacts increasingly take place via the internet, social media and by telephone.

The branches therefore serve as meeting places where knowledge and experiences are shared, not only between professionals but also between the USG People star brands and their candidates. This connection ensures that best practices can be widely shared and applied. That way knowledge remains up-to-date, in constant development and safeguarded within the organisation. And candidates realise that USG People offers them attractive opportunities to shape and further their careers under good conditions.

Our star brands have access to a widely-branched network of candidates and organisations. These networks provide companies with access to a rich source of human resources across a wide range of specialist areas and provide candidates with attractive job opportunities.


USG People helps clients select the right candidates for their assignments and job vacancies. We have the capacity, expertise and resources to make matches in a wide variety of aspects and disciplines. Our activities range from large volumes to highly specialised individual placements.

The process of selection and matching is based on professional and personal aspects. Technological applications are being used more and more to aid the process of analysing data as a tool for finding the best matches. This increasingly concerns not only ‘hard’ competencies but also ‘soft’ competencies, such as drivers, culture and passions. That is how we add value to the selection process. At the same time we work to ensure inclusiveness, sustainable employability, the placement of people who are distanced from the job market, or placements combined with training. As the framework for organising labour continues to widen, other (more comprehensive) solutions will emerge for labour relations and for organising staff. For us that means helping our clients achieve the most balanced workforce possible, and working together to achieve a more circular job market.


USG People offers its clients a wide array of solutions to structure their staffing organisation effectively, including recruitment and selection, HR consultancy and management, temporary staffing, secondment, outsourcing, payrolling, MSP, RPO, HRO, project sourcing, outplacement, career guidance and training. The USG People star brands have vast knowledge about creating a well-functioning staffing organisation. They provide expertise in various specific areas, know the pros and cons of the available types of contracts and are familiar with the possibilities and limitations of applicable laws and regulations. That helps our clients achieve the most effective staffing organisation possible within their parameters and needs, a workforce that meets the highest quality and flexibility standards. This reduces and lowers the risks and costs of ineffectiveness and inflexibility.

These three components of our business model deliver added value to people, companies and society.