business principles

The business principles form the core of the culture and identity we aim to achieve through our mission and vision. We strongly believe in our segmented market approach and operate in the conviction that the responsibility we give to our star brands enables them to develop and grow successfully. The business principles represent the shared values that we wish to express throughout our organisation in our day-to-day activities.

commitment to results

The creation of value at USG People is largely determined by our employees. They are the driving force behind the results which the organisation achieves for all our stakeholders. At USG People a result-driven culture serves as the basis for good returns and continuity. Being committed to results is a key quality to possess in the services sector, where competition is fierce and high expectations are placed on everyone’s individual contribution. The commitment of our employees to achieving results helps our clients succeed. Our daily focus is on our clients and candidates and we think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. Our starting point is that there is always room for improvement. The services are always our main focus and the needs of our clients and candidates are our primary consideration. Being proactive, responsible and driven are therefore important parts of employee development. They allow us to create a winning mentality and foster dedication and focus in our work.


Achieving the perfect match results in passionate employees who, in turn, ensure the right matches. The passion exuded by our own employees shows our clients and candidates that USG People achieves the right balance between the candidate’s ambitions and competencies, on the one hand, and the client’s needs, on the other – a crucial element of our services. We are enterprising, hard-working professionals who are passionate about what we do. Passion is the energy that propels us. Passionate people have the courage to transcend existing borders and convey their ideas and proposals with conviction and enthusiasm. They are able to back up their ideas and choices with arguments, resulting in successful relationships with clients and candidates. This is the essence of the USG People culture.


A fundamental aspect of the value provided by USG People is our employees, i.e. our human capital. Bringing these people together creates a maximum level of knowledge and expertise within our organisation, two of the most essential value drivers in the services we provide.

Another fundamental aspect in USG People’s operations is the relationship between employers and candidates. Our right to exist is defined by our ability to achieve the best possible match between supply and demand in the job market. This starts with building sustainable relationships with clients and candidates.


The specialised knowledge and expertise of our employees and the targeted manner in which it is applied is a defining factor that sets our services apart. Our employees set high standards for themselves and each other. A high level of expertise and focus on quality are basic drivers within USG People. Our organisation has a great capacity for learning and is able to adapt to new developments. This enables us to apply knowledge and insights directly to our own practice and this benefits the services we provide to our clients.

USG People aims to apply new ways of working and more efficient organisational structures. Placing trust in the professionalism and effectiveness of our employees are preconditions that ensure our organisation functions well.


We aim to constantly increase our added value. Innovation and technological applications play an ever-increasing role in our ability to stand out in the services sector. Adopting new technologies contributes to the development of our added value and makes us more competitive. The drive of our employees to grow promotes and facilitates this development. We believe that everything can be better and more effective and efficient. That is why we strive to achieve a culture that fosters innovation and creativity. A culture of dialogue, experimentation and constant improvement. We are constantly looking for the best way to serve our clients and candidates, identifying opportunities to innovate and coming up with possibilities for new products and services.